Shaving Beard Oil 50ml
Shaving Beard Oil 鬚前及日常護理油 50ml
Shaving Beard Oil 鬚前及日常護理油 50ml
Shaving Beard Oil 鬚前及日常護理油 50ml
Shaving Beard Oil 鬚前及日常護理油 50ml
Shaving Beard Oil 鬚前及日常護理油 50ml

Shaving Beard Oil 50ml

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Why You Should Use It

  • Great for all skin types – Recommended for Sensitive Skin
  • For added protection against razor burn, can be used as a pre shave oil, underneath Shave Creme or Shave Gel
  • Works for both wet and electric shaves
  • Prevents nicks, cuts and irritation during shaving
  • Perfect as a leave-in beard oil
  • No artificial fragrances here, we use Patchouli and Cinnamon Oils for our natural aroma
  • pH balanced formula which suits the chemistry of your skin

With VITAMAN Shave and Beard Oil, you can say goodbye to the frustration of razor burn, irritation, and the dreaded nicks and cuts that can disrupt your grooming efforts. Our Shave and Beard Oil is specifically formulated to provide a closer, more comfortable shave, ensuring a smooth glide and no more shave rash or post-shave discomfort.

Suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin, VITAMAN Shave and Beard Oil is a game-changer. You can use it as a protective barrier against razor burn, apply it as a pre-shave oil for an extra layer of protection, or combine it with our Shave Creme or Shave Gel for added protection and effectiveness.

Whether you prefer a wet or electric shave, our Shave and Beard Oil delivers the results you crave. Plus, with natural ingredients like sweet almond oil, jojoba seed oil and mountain black pepper seed oil, our Pre Shave Oil won’t irritate your skin.

Our Shave and Beard Oil also offers benefits beyond the shaving experience. It doubles as a luxurious leave-in beard oil, keeping your facial hair soft, manageable, and irresistibly touchable!

Unlike other products, VITAMAN Shave and Beard Oil is free from artificial fragrances. Instead, we harness natural patchouli and cinnamon oils to create a masculine, subtle aroma that enhances your overall grooming experience.

Our Shave and Beard Oil also features a pH balanced formula, crafted to suit the unique chemistry of your skin. This ensures optimal performance while maintaining the health and integrity of your skin, even with regular use.

Our Shave and Beard Oil is the perfect grooming companion for the modern man who deserves it all. Order yours today and experience a more comfortable shave with less irritation, shave rash, and unwanted nicks and cuts.

Multi-functional Uses

  • Pre shave oil
  • Shave oil
  • Face oil
  • Body oil
  • Hair oil
  • Beard oil
  • Cuticle oil

1. Apply several drops of oil onto your palms, rub together and press onto the areas to be shaved. If you have a normal beard growth, Shave Oil can be used alone.

2. If your growth is heavy, coarse or you have sensitive skin, we recommend you use our Shave Oil as an extra layer of protection underneath the Shave Crème or Shave Gel.

3. Now you’re ready to shave. Prepare your razor blade with hot* water, then shave firstly with the direction of your beard growth.

4. Rinse the blade again with hot* water, then shave across the direction of your hair growth. Shave around the lip and chin area last. Important: *Hot steel cuts more efficiently than a cold steel blade.

5. Replace your blade before it becomes too blunt otherwise skin irritation or infection may occur.

6. Rinse excess shave oil off with cold water

7. Follow with VITAMAN After Shave Balm and VITAMAN Face Moisturiser.

INCI LIST: prunus amygdalus dulcis (almond sweet) oil*+, glycine soja (soybean) oil+, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil*+, cocos nucifera (coconut) oil*+, cinnamomum zeylanicum (cinnamon) leaf oil*+, tocopheryl acetate (soy bean oil)+, pogostemon cablin (patchouli) oil+, piper nigrum (mountain black pepper) seed oil+

Certified Organic*
Plant derived+
Sustainably Sourced
Artificial Fragrance Free
Vegan Australia Certified

63% Certified Organic Ingredients
100% Naturally-Derived Ingredients

What we’ve left out:
No synthetic fragrances
No animal derivatives
No artificial colours
No harsh detergents
No propylene glycols
No petrolatum
N mineral Oils
No phthalates
No Triclosan
No sulphates
No parabens
No silicones

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