Refunds & Returns

VITAMAN is committed to providing quality products and services, aiming to meet the needs of every customer. In general, customers cannot request exchanges or refunds unless the following issues arise:

The received goods do not match the items listed in the order.

The quantity of the goods is incorrect.

The goods have significant quality defects (details can be found in the "Product Quality" section).

The goods are severely damaged to the extent that they are unusable, and the damage did not occur after the shipment from our store (details can be found in the "Product Damage" section).

If any of the above situations occur, customers must contact our store within 7 days after receiving the goods to arrange for an exchange or reshipment.

Return and Exchange Process:

  • Please contact VITAMAN within 7 days after receiving the goods and provide relevant information, such as the order number, name, address, quantity, and pictures of the products.
  • If the process does not involve returning any goods, our store will reship the items within 5 working days (we will bear the shipping cost).
  • If any items need to be returned, customers should contact us at and return the goods within 14 days.

After receiving the goods, we will reship to the address indicated on the order within 5 working days (shipping costs will be covered by us).

Product Quality:

VITAMAN only sells products that are within their expiration date. If customers discover that the goods have expired upon receipt, please contact us within 7 days.

All VITAMAN products comply with international or individual country's official recognized standards. However, individuals may have different sensitivities, and anyone can experience allergic reactions to natural or non-natural ingredients. Before using any new product, it is recommended to perform a patch test on the skin. VITAMAN does not accept returns or exchanges for any allergic reactions that occur after proper use if the reaction is unrelated to the product's quality.

Consumers are advised to carefully review the detailed ingredient list of the products before making a purchase or seek medical advice to determine if the product's ingredients are suitable for individual use. VITAMAN does not accept returns or exchanges if customers discover that the product contains unsuitable ingredients after their purchase.

Additionally, some products consist of all-natural ingredients and do not contain artificial colors, fragrances, preservatives, emulsifiers, or stabilizers. Despite maintaining the same formula, each batch may exhibit slight differences in color, odor, or texture. This is a normal occurrence and does not affect the product's efficacy or quality. VITAMAN does not accept returns or exchanges for such normal variations.

Product Damage:

VITAMAN follows a rigorous packaging process before each shipment:

  • Ensuring the goods are in good condition before sending.
  • Using sufficient protective materials to carefully package each item.
  • Placing the items in sturdy cardboard boxes with adequate cushioning materials.

However, due to the involvement of third-party logistics services and circumstances beyond our control during transportation, there is still a possibility of minor damages, such as:

  • Damaged labels or packaging materials.
  • Loose caps or minor cracks on bottle caps.
  • Slight deformation of plastic bottle bodies.
  • Minor product leakage.

In most cases, the above damages do not affect the product's quality or usability, and VITAMAN does not provide compensation for such damages. If the damage is severe and renders the product unusable, please contact us, and we will assist customers to the best of our ability.

Other Matters:

In addition, VITAMAN does not offer refunds under the following circumstances:

  • If the order fails to be successfully shipped due to incorrect or missing shipping information provided by the customer (such as address, contact number, recipient's name, etc.).
  • If the order fails to be successfully delivered due to insufficient shipping fees paid by the customer.
  • For the above situations, if customers fail to fulfill their responsibilities within two months from the order date (including providing sufficient shipping information, paying or supplementing relevant shipping fees, etc.), the order will be voided, and no refund will be provided. Our store will dispose of the goods reserved for such orders. If customers still wish to purchase the same goods afterward, they must place a new order.

Important Notes:

  • Each order is eligible for one return only.
  • In case of any disputes, our store reserves the right to make the final decision.

Disclaimer: All products in VITAMAN are not registered under the "Pharmacy and Poisons Ordinance" or the "Chinese Medicine Ordinance." Any claims made for our products have not been evaluated for registration under these ordinances. All products are not intended for the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of any disease.